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Adaptable asanas: Tailoring postures for everybody. (15 hours)

In modifications of postures and hands-on adjustments in yoga, it's essential to ensure a comprehensive understanding of alignment, safety, and individualized needs. 

Sthira Sukham Asanam (2.46):

  • Exploring the balance between stability and ease in yoga postures

  • How modifications and adjustments can help find that balance.


Prayatna Shaithilya Ananta Samapattibhyam (2.47):

  • Reflecting on the idea of surrendering effort and finding relaxation in the pose 

  • how modifications and adjustments can facilitate this surrender.


Tasya Bhumiṣu Viniyogaḥ (2.48):

  • Understanding the principle of adapting the practice to the individual 

  • Modifications and adjustments honour each person's unique body and abilities.


Te Samadhi Yoga Uchayate (2.49):

  • Exploring the idea that the perfection of yoga arises from the union of the individual with the universal energy. 

  • Modifications and adjustments can support this journey of union.


Aparigraha Stairye Janma Kathamta Sambodhah (2.39):

  • Reflecting on the principle of non-attachment. 

  • Let go of ego-driven desires to achieve certain poses, focusing instead on the essence of the practice.


Yoga teachers can deepen their understanding of modifications and adjustments, ensuring that their teaching is inclusive, safe, and supportive of each student's journey on the mat.


Anatomy and Alignment:

  • Understanding the basic principles of anatomy relevant to common yoga poses.

  • Exploring proper alignment cues and how they vary based on individual anatomy.


Common Modifications:

  • Identifying challenges and limitations in yoga poses and exploring modifications to accommodate different bodies and abilities.

  • Using the props (blocks, straps, bolsters) to support alignment and accessibility.


Adapting to Injuries and Conditions:

  • Modifications for specific injuries (e.g., knee, shoulder, lower back) and medical conditions (e.g., arthritis, scoliosis).

  • Understanding contraindications and precautions for different populations.


Hands-On Adjustments:

  • Exploring the art of hands-on adjustments in yoga, including principles of touch, consent, and communication.

  • Practicing hands-on adjustments for common poses, focusing on gentle, supportive touch and mindful observation.


Individualized Assessments:

  • Workshop on conducting individualized assessments to understand students' unique needs, limitations, and goals.

  • Practicing verbal cues and observation skills to tailor modifications and adjustments accordingly.


Sequencing for Inclusivity:

  • Understanding how to create yoga sequences that offer variations and options for practitioners of all levels and abilities.

  • Workshop on modifying sequences to address specific needs or focus areas (e.g., hip openers, backbends).


Ethics and Boundaries:

  • Ethical considerations when offering hands-on adjustments, including consent, sensitivity, and respecting personal boundaries.

  • Practicing clear communication and establishing trust with students.

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