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Yoga is art and Art is Yoga.

Yvette Lehmann is a yoga therapist, visual artist, and meditation expert. 

She combines Yoga therapy and Art therapy. She incorporates yoga nidra, sacred geometry, mindful practices, and traditional wisdom to help her clients recognize their programmed minds, awaken their emotional intelligence, and discover their life’s true purpose.

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My Story

For Yvette, Yoga is her art and Art is her yoga.

From her life experiences, she discovered that the answers to her life-long questions were hidden in her higher consciousness. She realized her path by tapping into her inner wisdom through art and yoga. 

When Yvette is practicing yoga, the movement of her physical body, breathing, chanting, or sitting in silent observation is expressing itself intuitively like a well-choreographed flow of consciousness in awareness. Art is the expression of her spirit. When she is drawing, coloring, sanding, pouring resin, or designing clothes, her art is a creative outlet for expression.

Her yoga movement in awareness and her expression of her creative art are inseparable. The more Yvette explores her creativity in her art, the more inspired her yoga teaching becomes. They are like Yin and Yang where she feels one cannot exist without the other.

Yvette teaches from her connectedness which guides her to transmit the messages by the emotional state of her clients. In her classes, she is in tune with what her students need the most. The more she functions from her intuition, the more her creative juices flow which benefits her clients.

Yvette is convinced that we are both human and Divine. Her Yoga practices are her physical expression of her inner human and her art is her intuitive expression of her inner Divine. Her human expression is in union with her divine intuition and vice versa as art creates yoga and yoga creates art. 

Since Yvette was 18 yrs and her family moved from Hungary to the United States, she was in search of answers to fundamental questions in life. Why am I here? What is life about? What is my purpose?

Yvette’s curiosity and thirst for knowing the answers led her to move to Canada where she got married and had a son. She was working as a certified esthetician and leading a high life. Yvette went through serious health challenges where she had to leave her marriage and pursue a more meaningful life.

With intense seeking, Yoga found Yvette or she found Yoga in 2002. She was immediately pulled towards Yoga where she was taking 10 classes a week. Being a fitness trainer, she was able to do the postures easily but knew that yoga is deeper than physical postures. She started researching but she was scared to face her heavier emotional stuff. She never wanted to be spiritual, but the inner calling was intense and she could no longer ignore it.


Yvette met her long-time partner, the late Richard Wagamese who lovingly shared ceremonies, medicines, teachings, and stories of his Ojibway elders. He said "You can't do ceremony wrong, you can only do it respectfully or disrespectfully. All you have to be is respectful." That was her first lesson in spirituality. He initiated Yvette into spirituality and taught her that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. He opened her heart to a whole new world that never existed before in her life.

Yvette trusts that each day practicing yoga gives her creative ways to connect her physical body and her inner being. She believes that without emotional and mental health there can never be true physical health. It is the balance of all that brings one back to their natural state of completeness. 

Yvette took training in iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation with Richard Miller. The understanding and application of this system changed the way she practices and teaches yoga today. She applies the system to help and guide people suffering from trauma, grief, stress, anxiety, and addictions.

Yvette studied many styles of yoga for over 25 years with various teachers. She weaves different modalities including Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and iRest Nidra into her therapeutic yoga practice. In her classes, workshops, and training, she integrates the wisdom of the traditional eight limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Her students benefit from the tools she shares to better understand, navigate, and release their traumas that are hidden in the body.

Yvette is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) who offers 200 hrs and 300 hrs Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Programs. Yvette encourages her students to move from their hearts, overcome their fears, and find their deepest love toward the Higher Self. She offers guided group meditations and private sessions to clients who want to go deeper in discovering the root cause of the trauma from within. Her heartfelt desire is to help seekers understand and know their true Selves other than their superficial ego self.

Yvette lives in Kamloops teaches Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, and Art therapy workshops, and sells designer clothing.

Yoga is my art and Art is my yoga - Yvette Lehmann

The meaning of life is creating movement and expression - Yvette Lehmann

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242 Victoria St #203,

Kamloops, BC V2C 2V2

Telephone: 778-538-0115

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