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Energy Queen

👣 Edith Farrell is the Happyness Center Energy Queen! 👣

She is a gifted intuitive energy healer. She offers various modalities of holistic health services such as Reflexology based Intuitive Foot Massages, Healing Touch, Reiki, and Access Bars. Her healing modalities support people in letting go of their limiting beliefs and tapping into their full potential to find their JOY. ​

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My Story

Edith Farrell is a gifted intuitive healer. She brings a sense of balance to people through her heart-centered approach and holistic methods. She meets people where they are and assists them through her intuitive healing power of touch. For more the 35 years her healing power of touch has helped hundreds of people. Her healing modalities include Reflexology Intuitive foot massage, Reiki, and Healing Touch. She is also trained in Access Consciousness Bars to assist people in rejuvenation. Her methods support people in letting go of their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and tapping into their full potential to find their JOY. 

Edith is a passionate active volunteer and a strong believer in the power of volunteerism. As a volunteer, Edith did extensive professional development and demonstrated skills in working with people of diverse backgrounds and personal circumstances. Her work experience as an employment counselor and case manager in both Barriere and Kamloops involved the facilitation of information sessions, career planning, and personal development workshops as well as job search assistance. 

With her multidisciplinary experiences, Edith successfully coordinated the Volunteer Kamloops Focus program for 18 years and assisted mental health consumers in achieving their personal, professional, and mental health goals through volunteering. As an effective life skills worker, Edith ran the sharing circle food program at ASK Wellness (Cross Roads supported housing). 

Currently, Edith is involved in coordinating, assisting, and co-facilitating the Inner Resilience Program at The Happyness Center. She offers life-building skills for a balanced life as well as Reiki and Energy Balance sessions for pain management and mental wellness. In addition, Edith co-facilitates Soulful monthly meditations and the weekly SMART Recovery Meetings that are held at the Center.

In her leisure time, you can find Edith at Jo Berry’s RUN Club, spending time with her family, traveling out of town with her friends, or having an amazing time dancing away at any of our local festivals. Edith is a fun-loving and unique person in the community with a caring heart.

"You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you're aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots."

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242 Victoria St #203,

Kamloops, BC V2C 2V2

Telephone: 778-538-0115

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