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Kayla Pepper - 11/26/2019 

Connecting with the Happyness Centre is connecting with a community of people who want you to thrive as your happiest, healthiest and most radiant self! 


I first found the Happyness Centre when I was looking for ways to add more depth to my yoga and meditation practice. Over the years, I had the great fortune of taking several of Yvette Lehman's yoga classes at other studios around Kamloops, and I guess you could say I followed her to the Happyness Centre (and I'm so deeply grateful that I did!) 

I work in the field of emergency management and had gone through a fairly intense period during the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016 and the BC fires and floods in 2017, so I wanted to invest in myself so that I had the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength to continue helping others. In February 2018 I enrolled in the 300-hour yoga teacher training and it gave me far more than I ever expected. In addition to meeting several other wonderful students (who quickly became friends), the combination of Madhu Sai's philosophy and Yvette's teachings resulted in a rich and transformative spiritual, emotional and physical experience. I worked through self-limitations, improved my relationships with myself and others, and became grounded in my vision of how I wish to contribute to the world. I also attribute this training with increasing my ability to stay centred and to care for others and myself during emergency events. 


While I am not teaching yoga at this point, I can't recommend enough how this program has helped me navigate life with an open heart and a positive perspective.


I look forward to future training with Madhu Sai, Yvette and all the other lovely beings at the Happyness Centre (like Jo Berry) who are committed to helping our community flourish.  

​- Kayla Pepper

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