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Inner Awareness is all about us. Developing Inner Awareness is a process where we begin to watch ourselves in every relationship, conversation, and situation we encounter daily. The most critical person in inner awareness is our self. But our mind focuses on everyone and everything outside of us but ignores looking into our self.

Meditation is a tool and practice to help us watch our scattered minds filled with images, old patterns, and old behaviours. We must observe the inner chatter of our ego mind to understand how much we are moving away from the truth and how our consciousness is divided and separated.

One of the main goals of the Happyness center is to develop the practice of inner awareness and apply the process of more profound observation of the ego self. This process is a significant milestone in deepening our self-knowing.

When we are aware of our conditioning, we will understand the whole of consciousness and not just one part of our consciousness. We learn that we have divided our consciousness and live in fragments, where we are familiar with one little corner of our consciousness, and the rest of it is unknown to us.

Awareness is the total attention of our consciousness without division. Meditation will help us to watch this happening inside our minds. Observation, Awareness, and Attention are the three essential pillars of mindful practice. Research has shown that observation and awareness can help unite our fragmented consciousness.

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How do Body sensing and breath awareness help our personal growth?

Breath sensing helps to regulate our thoughts and feelings. Breath awareness is one of the most powerful healing resources we have with us. Allowing body sensing and breath awareness will let the brain adapt to new patterns, habits, and behaviour. Deep, slow, and rhythmic breathing can help reduce anxiety, fear, and depression.

When we pay attention to our physical body and feel the body's sensations for a few minutes every day, we might feel a sense of relaxation that will allow us to see our life more clearly as to what is truly going on inside us. Cultivating the practice of looking into our consciousness has not only become essential but also a necessity for our survival.

Research studies show that deep breathing can activate our immune system, hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, and parasympathetic nervous systems. Scientific studies also show that awareness of our external body will open some hidden aspects of ourselves that we did not know existed.

Simple body and breath sensations have a powerful impact on releasing our stress levels and relaxing our body and mind. It involves mentally scanning the body, paying attention, and experiencing each part of our physical body. This scanning will allow us to examine and explore to see what is troubling in our inner world. This meditation can help increase your inner awareness and improve the quality of your life. Every tool shared by our dedicated practitioners inspires you to look inside rather than seek solutions. That is where you find real solutions to life problems.

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The so-called everyday life that we come to know today seems unpredictable, unknown, and uncertain, with new challenges that we face individually and globally. Mother Nature seems to be showing a new persona and energy. It is almost like telling us something for us to learn.

What should we learn about our everyday life?

When we can feel safe both mentally, emotionally, and physically, we may say we are happy. When we feel connected to our friends and family and feel secure in our relationships, that is the kind of routine we want to experience in our lives. Then even amidst adversity, we are inwardly resilient and face any pandemic-like situation, floods, or natural disaster that mother nature places in front of us.

Is there a sense of Love, safety, and nurturing today when facing mother nature?

To us, Love is just an idea or a desire that we twist in any way we want. What we call Love is probably a desire to have pleasure and possess, projection and obsession of our imagination, competition, jealousy, and control.

Love of Mother nature is not the product of thought, which belongs to the past. Real Love is where there is complete freedom and trust with nature and establishes a deeper connection. Love does not obey or follow anybody. Love has neither respect nor disrespect. During these challenging times, we must listen to her and learn to live accordingly. In this pandemic crisis, we are reminded of the uncertainties and insecurities to be active and present.

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