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Rick Chapman - 8/27/2019 

I found out about the Happyness Center in the Fall of 2017 when it was the starting point for a RUNClub session. It was quite a bit later (May or June) when I went to my first counselling session there and began to learn more about myself, and get to know everyone there.


Since my first session at the Center, I have now attended: Wednesday's restorative yoga and meditation classes; the monthly meditations; several Friday solomanacha's (study groups); open houses; India trip information sessions and a trip to India; seminars with Sheryl Yaremco (twice) and the amazing Robin Clements; and just this last winter started my 300 Hour Yoga Training.


Every time I spend time at the Happyness Center, I learn and grow. The very first counselling session (and a few more since) that I attended opened me up to accepting and loving myself; a pretty emotional journey. Now almost EVERY time I am in meditation at the Happyness Center, something new is revealed to me. Incredible.


The most impactful experience I have had through the center however would have to be our trip to India last January (2019). The combination of spiritual practices and seeing a world beyond my comprehension (at the time) has given me both perspective AND purpose. 


I have started a journey and practice that will continue and the Happyness Center will continue to play a big part in my journey through Gita studies, yoga, meditations and more. I am currently reading a book called Judgement Detox which is really good. I will finish my 300 Hour Yoga Training in December and am really excited to take part in the study of the Bagavad Gita. I'll keep attending weekly yoga and meditation classes, and I'm hoping to see and understand my Vedic astrology chart more this year too. It is incredible. I have a really exciting year on the way!

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