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Sari Epstein Vandergraaf - 8/20/2019 


Continuing on our, "People of the Happyness Center", we are so happy to introduce you to the beautiful Sari, who we have had the privilege of getting to know since 2015. Read on to find out how Sari came to be connected with the Happyness Center and hear a little of her story. 

I started with RUNClub in 2015, getting ready to run the Boogie the Bridge 5k a couple of weeks before my 60th birthday.   A friend of mine had suggested that we get into shape before going on an Alaskan cruise in mid May.  She didn't end up joining because of health issues,  but I decided to go anyways even though I had never run before.  It was quite the experience!  Jo Berry, the coaches and the 150 other people who joined the RUNClub training made it an amazing experience! One Thursday evening at a pick up run on Shubert Drive, I ended up talking with Madhu Sai for a good 20 minutes. That was when I first found out that I didn't have a problem,  I was the problem!  Being a seeker, I  was hooked.  Tell me more! 


It snowballed from there.

I took Healing the Feminine Heart in June 2017 with Madhu Sai and Lori Putoto and became a regular at the Happyness Center.  Next came the January 2018 South India Pilgramage Tour.  Did that ever shake things up!  What a life changing experience that was. More connections were made, opening the door to HeartMath and the Melt Method, which I didn't stay with for long but really benefited from iRestNidra Yoga and yoga with the beautiful Yvette followed.   I started to see myself differently and worked on myself more and more, on so many levels!  Loving guidance and encouragement is always shared. Baby steps perhaps, but many little shifts.  I still remember the day I did my first downward dog since breaking my shoulder in 2009.  Wow!!!  Why did I buy into the limits imposed on me by "medical  professionals? 

Monthly Meditations were offered and I started to really look forward to Sunday morning meditations which followed RUNClub at the end of the month. Next came Monday evening Yoga for Bigger Bodies with the very caring Michelle!  I did a series of 10.  I was very spoiled at the start as it was mostly one-on-one.  Once others started coming and the classes were less "experimental" and slower moving, I let it go.  (Miss you lots Miss Michelle Merry!) My body liked it when I stopped running between cataract surgeries and I  am focusing more on yoga and walking now.  Happy knees are important. I have taken a couple of Mandala courses with Yvette in an attempt to bring out my creative side.  It is definitely a work in progress.


The loving support of the Happyness Center and its caring practitioners is so appreciated.  I always feel so welcome! I have made so many friends through the Happyness Center. It is so nice to have a place to go to where you can meet up with like minded people! I hope you will all come to the Happyness Center and have the opportunity to get as much out of it as I continually do.



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