Who benefits from the Coaching Program

  • People who are struggling to cope with mental and emotional challenges for a long period?   

  • People who are looking to build motivation for a better life. 

  • People who are looking for a more balanced lifestyle


The main purpose of our new Coaching Program is to build your emotional intelligence. Our dedicated practitioners from varied backgrounds are inspired to share effective tools that’ll enrich, maintain, and promote your long-term health and wellbeing.

Life coaching

How the Program Works 

You will receive 24 sessions to complete in 12 weeks.

  • Participants will embark on their individual healing journey. 

  • Schedule to meet with the practitioners to customize your wellness program. 

  • Schedule your appointments with each practitioner at your convenience. 


  • Community Outdoor Therapy - 8 clinics

  • Therapeutic Yoga classes - 10 sessions 

  • Counseling and Therapy - 2 sessions

  • Therapeutic Chakra Balancing - 1 session 

  • Foot massage and Reiki - 3 sessions  

Investment and details

Where: at The Happyness Center


When: You can start anytime at your convenience.


Your investment: $ 997 

Payment Plan available. 

Email with any questions: info@thehappynesscenter.org 

​Sign up now and start your wellness journey.

Female employee in wellness area

Benefits of the Program 

  • To promote more mobility, less stiffness, stressless and a tension free body. 

  • Counseling and Emotional Therapy to build emotional Intelligence. brings mental clarity to your life situation. 

  • Balancing your energy system and discharging any negativity. 

  • Helps in letting go of limiting beliefs and tapping into your full potential. 

  • Provides a safe, supportive, and inclusive community integration to enhance your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 

  • Help to bring you clarity and alignment with achieving your dreams and desires. 


There is no better time than NOW!