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Who We Are

The Happyness Center is an incorporated non-profit society founded in September 2014. 

We are a community-driven social enterprise led by equity partnership for the last eight years in a shared space, experience, and expenses. 

We are dedicated to promoting an Integrated wellness model on social-emotional-spiritual development. The model is based on evidence-based tools and time-tested methods and practices.


Meet The Team

The leadership of the Happyness Center is led by women, visible minorities, and equity-denied groups.

The team has a combined experience of 90 years in mental health, social work, clinical counseling, trauma-informed yoga, and community integration.



  • To promote mental health services and build inner resilience by providing access to evidence-based approaches, clinical tools and techniques, and group support programs.

  • To address the inner suffering and empower to bring inner peace through evidence-based techniques and time-tested methods and practices including self-awareness, breathing, and meditation.  

  • To offer programs and services that are customized to individual needs in creating joy and happiness.

  • To improve the community's understanding of mental health and the mind-body connection.

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The vision of THE HAPPYNESS CENTER FOUNDATION is to promote Integrated wellness-focused social-emotional-spiritual development. The goal is two-fold; 1. To address and prevent existing mental health challenges in individuals and groups; 2. To bring relief and liberation to inner suffering through the path of self-knowing and Self-realization. 


Real People. Real Healing.

​We are excited to introduce "People of the Happyness Center".

These are testimonials of people who found healing at the Happyness Center. We will be profiling beautiful soul seekers whom we have met through our Center. They will share with you some of their stories and their experiences with us. They are sharing to motivate people in their healing journey and bring hope into their lives. We hope you will find their stories interesting and encouraging. 

Have you found healing at our Center? Share your story and help others.

If you are interested in sharing some of your stories and personal experiences with us, we would love to hear from you. Email your testimonial to with your name and a wonderful picture.

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