Introduction to Yoga Classes

Find lasting health and happiness through the exploration of movement, breath techniques, meditation and mindfulness practices during our Traditional Therapeutic Yoga. Led by Yvette Lehmann, these classes will offer you a journey of Self-discovery, using the physical body in a gentle way to find hidden messages of emotional trauma and the ability to move through these traumas to freedom. 

In this class you may encounter body sensing movement, mudras, chants and sitting in contemplation besides the gentle moving of the body. We incorporate this evidence based ancient transformative practice of yoga Nidra to balance our mental state where we experience our well being and wholeness so we can live a more loving life.

Walking to Yoga class
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Please contact Yvette for monthly membership details and any questions and concerns.

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  • Drop-In | $20

  • 10 Time Punch Card* | $150

  • 20 Time Punch Card* | $260


Classes Schedule

  • Mindful Stretch Classes:

Mondays | Wednesdays | Fridays - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

  • Sound Healing Classes:

Fridays - 12 PM - 1 PM

  • Ease and Peace Classes:

Mondays | Thursdays - 12.05 PM - 12.55 PM

  • Stretch and Chill Classes:

Wednesdays - 12.05 PM - 12.55 PM 

  • Yoga Size Classes:

Mondays | Wednesdays - 4:30 PM - 5.30 PM and Tuesdays - 8 AM - 9 AM 

  • Therapeutic Yoga Classes:

Mondays | Wednesdays - 6 PM - 7.15 PM and Saturdays | 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

At our beautiful Happyness Center | #203 - 242 Victoria Street, Kamloops 


Led by Happyness partners and practitioners

Yvette Lehmann, Kristina Mitchell, and Nicole

Specialty Yoga Classes

Therapeutic Yoga Classes: 

For the tired, stiff, sore, achy and pained body and for those looking to replace anxiety and depression with peacefulness and ease.

Sound Healing:

Looking to release stagnant energy in the body for better mobility, Align your Chakra centers for greater energy flow and awareness, and Elevate your holistic being for clear decision-making.


A systematic movement for absolute strength and flexibility achieved by aligning your individual bone structure to the ultimate end range of your joint mobility and safely strengthening the surrounding muscles with very specific targeted repetitive movement. 

Ease & Peace, Stretch & Chill:

Hatha Style practices that explore the body, mind and spirit connection through movement, breath and mindfulness inquiries.