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TRU Practicum Students

We encourage TRU practicum students with innovative ideas to practice and understand the benefits of incorporating integrated therapies.

A mentorship program for social work practicum students:

We accept TRU (Thompson Rivers University) social work practicum students as placements. 

  • We nurture, advocate, promote, and encourage the practicum students with innovative ideas for young social workers.

  • We support and train integrated wellness models where they practice and understand the benefits of incorporating integrated therapies.

  • The students see the advantages and benefits that fill the gap in treating mental health recovery.

  • This program helps us to advocate health policies through research and student mentoring for mental health and wellness leadership.​

  • There is no fee to the social work practicum mentorship program. However, we encourage the practicum students to be involved in fundraising. We initiated 'Touch the Heart' fundraiser activities for our free programs. In 2021, we raised $2000 that was used to support recovery clients.

  • We build diverse partnerships with TRU social work and other nonprofit organizations in BC to promote the Integrated wellness model.

  • We provide Practicum Students with reasonable access to Facilities to support the Practice Education experiences. 

  • The Practicum Student understands and follows Health and Safety Standards, the agency’s rules, regulations, and policies that apply. 

In 2021, a student completed her practicum at the Happyness Center and later started her counseling and healing practice, where she is helping people in the community with mental health. She continues to practice with us from time to time​​​​​​

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