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Welcome to Our Transformative Workshops

Embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and enlightenment with us, Madhu Sai and Yvette, as your guides. Together, we bring you an immersive experience that transcends the traditional teacher-student dynamic, embracing a collaborative path to learning. With nearly 60 years of combined expertise in yoga, meditation, and therapeutic practices, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and journeying alongside you.

When you take the workshop, you can receive YACEP as a continuing education course.

Guides and Mentors:

  • Madhu Sai, a monk and yoga therapist, brings the depth of Vedic wisdom and therapeutic
    insight to our workshops. His journey of 13 years as a monk and 30 years as a Yoga therapist
    has imbued him with profound understanding and compassion, which he integrates into his
    teachings. Madhu Sai's approach combines the time-tested ancient traditions of yoga with
    evidence-based practical needs of modern living, offering a path to balance, healing, and self-

  • Yvette, an experienced yoga and meditation educator, complements her journey with expertise
    in crafting art and mindful practices that speak to the heart and soul. Her dedication to yoga
    and meditation art is evident in her thoughtful approach to teaching, where every session is an
    invitation to explore, reflect, and grow.


Mindful Workshops:

In our workshops, we don't just teach; we engage in a mutual learning exchange. We believe
that the wisdom of yoga and meditation is not just to be imparted but discovered together,
through interaction, discussion, and shared experiences. Our sessions are designed to be
dynamic and responsive, adapting to the collective energy and insights of the group.

Whether you're diving into the serene depths of Yin Yoga, exploring the energetic pathways of
chakras and meridians, or seeking to understand the foundational principles of Ayurveda, our
workshops offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom and practical application. Each session is
an opportunity to connect with your inner self, supported by our guidance and the collective
journey of those around you.

Join us as we explore the vast landscapes of yoga and meditation, guided by the eight limbs,
the flow of breath, and the rhythms of nature. Together, we will unlock the doors to self-
awareness, well-being, and a deeper connection to the universe. With nearly 60 years of
experience between us, we are excited to learn, grow, and discover alongside you on this path
of endless unfolding.

Welcome to our community space where learning is shared, experiences are valued, and
every step forward is taken together.

These workshops are beneficial to seekers who are willing to dive deeper into their own self to
heal and grow as well as contribute to our future generations. Self-knowledge is no more a
choice but a necessity to balance our fast-paced world of technology and our wellbeing.

When you take the workshop, you can receive YACEP as a continuing education course.

1. Finding your path by understanding your self and ways to class plan/sequence your classes (15 hr)
"Signature Sequences: Unveiling your niche through self-discovery and strategic sequencing”

2. Yin Yoga (30 hr)

"The Yin within Embrace the inner quiet and strength”

3. The Eight Limbs of Yoga (15 hr)
"The yogic path unfolded: Embracing the eight limbs for holistic harmony”

4. Chakras (15 hr)
"Chakra Harmony: Balancing life’s vibrant energies"

5. Meridians and Marmas (15 hr)
"Energetic pathways: The meridian & marma map to well-being”

6. Breathing Techniques (15 hr)
"Breath of life: Mastering the art of pranayama"

7. Chanting and Mudras (15 hr)
"Sacred sounds and symbols: Chanting and Mudras for inner peace"

8. Modifications of Postures and Hands-On Adjustments (15 hr)
"Adaptable asanas: Tailoring postures for everybody"

9. Awareness, Mindfulness, and Meditation (15 hr)
"The art of stillness: Mindfulness and Meditation mastery”

10. Ayurveda Basics (15 hr)
"Ayurveda Essentials: Ancient wisdom for modern wellness"
"Living Ayurveda: The foundation of holistic health"

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