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Counselling Overview

Counseling can be helpful to people who are struggling to cope with daily life for a long time or people who need support to move them through challenging moments. We provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space allowing clients to reflect, learn, and heal themselves.

In psychotherapy, a paradigm shift is happening from cognitive therapy to emotional therapy. Mental health depends on healthy mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual factors and the environment. Studies on physical health, emotional well-being, happiness, wisdom, and longevity suggest that our awareness of our inner world (feelings, thoughts, emotions, and memories) is crucial to our inner resilience and inner peace.

Our Offerings

Integrative Counselling and Therapy (ICT)

“Integrative Counselling and Therapy” (ICT) combines an integrative approach to supporting clients. ICT believes in the whole person, and if one part is not working properly, then all the other parts will be affected. So, we assess the client on the mind-body association. ICT is helpful to diverse clients who are looking for a unique approach to help resolve their mental and emotional issues.

The primary goal of ICT is to help clients actualize their inner potential. That means that we empower you to discover and act from your authentic Self. We provide customized guidance and adapt various time-tested holistic methods, including yoga philosophy, breathing, relaxation, and meditation, as well as evidence-based theories and techniques such as CBT,
DBT, and so on.

The counsellor will focus on helping the client to:

  •  Assess and understand their issue from a deeper perspective.

  • Look at what techniques or intervention strategies the client might need to apply and bring forth a resolution to their crisis.

  • Realize what results the client achieves and discover.

  • Work in the therapy session is done collaboratively as teamwork.

  • Evaluate what is working and not working during the therapy sessions and

  • Customize the therapy to suit the client’s needs and goals.

We provide supportive counselling in many areas of life, including dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, personal growth, productivity, family and social relationships, mental and emotional health, and finding a deeper meaning in their life experiences.

Dealing with Stress

Stress can lead to Alcohol, Substance abuse, chronic pain, or lack of relaxation.
Counseling and Therapy can help address the stress due to life events. Counselors can help
you identify your stress triggers while collaboratively developing a plan to manage them. When
workplace issues lead to stress, therapists can help a person explore ways to deal with those
issues. Different types of treatments can help reduce stress effectively.

Trauma and PTSD

When we go through a traumatic experience, it can seem like we’ll never feel safe again.
PTSD from any past trauma can leave us feeling unsafe and stuck. We can release the painful
memories and feel safe again with a new perspective and skills. We provide theories
necessary to assess and therapeutic skills to treat victims of physical and sexual abuse in the
context of family and social violence. Whether the trauma happened recently or a long time
ago, we can help find therapeutic ways to release and let go of the painful memories and heal
by building inner resilience.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression can affect your mental health when you experience it every day.
Depression can feel like you may never get out from under the dark shadow. If Depression is
not allowing you to live the life you want to live, then come and seek help.
Counseling can help relax and understand the cause of these feelings and suggest ways to
deal with the situation at home, work, or outside. It can help increase your self-esteem. The
counselor helps with cognitive-behavioral models as well as Yoga Therapy to alleviate or
treat presenting symptoms relating to anxiety and depression.

Grief and loss

Are you struggling with mourning the loss of your loved one?
Seek professional counselling to help you cope and process your thoughts, feelings, and
behaviours. We provide supportive grief counselling techniques and specialized skills for Grief
Therapy to individuals, children, adolescents, couples, families, and groups.

Online Therapy:

We live at a time when the boundaries of physical distance can be reduced. We intend to offer your counseling and therapy services in a time-sensitive manner.

Online therapy is brought to the privacy of your home that is professional, confidential, and safe. Choose the right therapist without any geographical boundaries.

Why choose remote counseling and therapy as opposed to your local therapist?

  • You may not have a therapist with the experience or specialty you need in your community. You may not have access to a local therapist who provides remote accessibility when you are homebound.

  • You may be concerned about confidentiality and prefer seeing a therapist outside your community.

  • You may consider a convenient service available in the comfort of your home.

We use the Zoom platform, which is simple and easy to use. Zoom uses double-ended encryption and is approved by PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). If you are using a computer, no download is required. An easy-to-use downloadable app is available for a tablet or smartphone.

Thinking Man on Couch

Mental Health

​Mental health affects our thinking, feeling, and action. It includes our emotional, psychological,
and social well-being. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and
adolescence through adulthood and as an adult. There are many factors that contribute to your
mental health problems, including biological factors, such as genes, brain chemistry,
unpleasant traumatic experiences, abuse, or any family history of mental health problems.
Long-term mental health issues can affect our thinking, mood, and behavior. It helps
determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. While many people
suffer from mental health, it is sometimes scary to take the first step towards change. Our
counselor understands your challenges and provides you with tools and practices to support
you with your mental health and develop a plan in collaboration with you.

Couples Counseling

Are you tired of constantly fighting with your partner?
Do you feel that something must shift for you to stay in your relationship?​

As we grow as individuals, our relationships change as well. Oftentimes, this change is positive
and reflects mutual growth, but at other times, this personal growth (or struggle) impacts our
romantic relationships. It takes additional effort or support to get back on track.

Couples counselling focuses on assessing the unique challenges within the relationship and
providing evidence-based methods for repairing and strengthening the bond.

Counselling with the right tools can help you to shift your relationship back in the direction of
healing. Typically, this requires a commitment of initial assessments and an individual
session(s) before developing a strategy on how best to move forward with goals. This allows
the counsellor to have an accurate picture of the relationship dynamics before moving forward
with a treatment plan.

Whether your relationship is in serious trouble or just needs a "tune-up,"  the counsellor will
help guide you to a fuller, happier and more peaceful relationship.

Couples Therapy

Spiritual Counseling

Spirituality is becoming more important in many people’s lives, particularly as they grow up.
People who are searching for a meaning or purpose in life or having challenges with their very
existence will benefit from spiritual counseling.

Spiritual counseling focuses on a person's spiritual side. Some people seek spiritual
counseling to explore and get clarity on their own personal spiritual beliefs. Our Counselor is
non-denominational, and his goal is to not convert or change a client's faith or religion. but to
guide individuals on their own paths toward mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and

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