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For a life
well lived


Building a lifestyle with resilience within and a new perspective.


Making recovery and mental health accessible to everyone. 

Child Pose

Embark on individual healing and build your emotional Intelligence.

Family and Social Worker

Advocating, and encouraging young students with innovative ideas on mental health.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki Healing to support clients struggling with recovery and mental health

The Happyness Center Foundation offers social initiative programs for recovery and mental health through the Integrated wellness model. We focus on building inner resilience, developing emotional intelligence, and empowering community integration. 

We are a team of practitioners who are dedicated to serve clients in recovery and mental health challenges. Our innovative social programs bring relief and liberation to inner suffering. 

We partner with various organizations to bring mental and emotional wellness accessible to everyone. Our programs assists the clients to build emotional intelligence and community integration to further their well-being. 

As a non-profit organization, our fundraising initiatives support the low-income and vulnerable clients. Participate in our 'Touch the Heart' fundraising programs. By working together, we keep our community thriving, resilient, and healthy.

Ganesha Statue with Marigolds

Join us. 

Take time for yourself.

Hide and Seek
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Art Therapy

For Women In Recovery

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